Medicaid Provider from Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS)

Programs Approved Service Agency (PASA)

Long Term Care Programs

Personal Care

Personal care consists of a broad spectrum of assistance designed to enable individuals to accomplish tasks that they would normally do for themselves if the individual did not have a disability such as meal planning, grocery shopping, bathing, dressing or incontinent care.


Respite services are provided to participants that are furnished on a short-term basis because of the absence or need of relief of those persons normally provide care for participants. Respite includes hourly, daily and nightly breaks for the primary caregiver.


Encouraging and assisting consumers to improve their daily living skills and achieve their goals at home, such as cooking, cleaning, hygiene, laundry and hanging clothes. Includes homemaker basic and homemaker enhanced.

Day Habitation - Supported Community Connection & Community Connector

Support participants with developmental disabilities to enable increased mobility, decision making and self-advocacy. With money management, communication skills that allow them to live, thrive and take their place in the world.

Community Connection

Provide opportunities to access the community and use it as a learning opportunity. Examples: library, mall, recreation, YMCA, etc.

Support Community Connections

Provide opportunities for social interaction and personal growth through interaction in the community. Examples: Parks & volunteering.

Non-Medical / Non Emergent Medical Transportation Services

Our transportation system caters to our clients to and from their homes, the center and to gain access to other community services, activities and resources, as specified in their service plan.


Assisting our participant with understanding complicated health and safety information, completing and reviewing safety assessments, interviewing potential providers and finding resources in their families.

Family Caregiver Services

We recognize that every individual has different abilities, need and wishes in their day to day care. There is a family caregiver program which enables individuals to live with a family member while receiving day to day services and support from that family member.

Individual Residential Services & Support (IRSS)

In which three or fewer participants receiving services may live in a single residential setting or in a host home setting.

Individual Residential Services & Support (IRSS)

Includes meals, personal care supplies, transportation, monitoring patient wellness and arranging appointments for medical care.

Payment Flexibility

We accept private pay for people without Medicaid.

Please contact us if payment is a concern, we strive to tailor an individual payment plans based on individual need.